Health Information: Fact Boxes

Faktenboxen: Entscheidungen

Medical questions often have no black-and-white answers. For this reason, transparent information is crucial – as is the courage to make informed decisions for oneself.


Fact Boxes:
Communicate the best available evidence about a specific topic in an easily understandable manner. The most important pros and cons are contrasted with each other in a table, thus allowing even people with no medical or statistical background to make competent decisions.

The Idea:
The idea of fact boxes was developed by Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin. In several studies they demonstrated that fact boxes were effective tools for informing the general public about harms and benefits of medical treatments

Schwartz LM, Woloshin S, Welch HG. (2007). The drug facts box: providing consumers with simple tabular data on drug benefit and harm. Med Decis Making 27:655-62.
Schwartz LM, Woloshin S, & Welch HG. (2009). Using a drug facts box to communicate drug benefits and harms: two randomized trials. Ann Intern Med 150:516-27. 


We have prepared Fact Boxes with unbiased and easy-to-understand information about different subjects:

Helpful Questions for Life in an Uncertain World

Fragezeichen Gesundheitsinformationen: Faktenboxen

When it comes to results of medical tests and treatments, people have a need for certainty. However, often our most important decisions must be made under considerable uncertainty. We identified a couple of questions that help you face uncertainty and facilitate your understanding of risks across different situations.

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Technical Terms

Wordle wichtige Begriffe

It is not always easy to evaluate (health) risks. In a glossary we have summarized and explained technical terms and criteria, which help to facilitate risk comprehension.

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