David Harding

David Harding


David Harding is the director of Winton Capital, one of the 10 largest investment companies in the UK. Harding has long been interested in Gerd Gigerenzer's research and has already made a name in the field by endowing a chair in risk communication at the University of Cambridge.

How does a London global investment manager happen to donate 2.2 million euros to an institute in Berlin?

Having read Gigerenzer’s book Reckoning with Risk (US: Calculated Risks), which was nominated for the Royal Society’s „Science Book Prize“, Harding was excited enough to give a copy of this book to each of his employees. After a public lecture by Gigerenzer in London, which was attended by Harding and his employees, the two men had dinner together – and the idea of a reseach center for risk literacy was born. Their idea became reality thanks to Harding’s generous donation of 2.2 million euros, which enabled the foundation of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy.

What is the Max Planck Society's relationship to the Center? 

In return for Harding’s donation, the Max Planck Society provides the facilities and staff support for the Center. This alliance ensures both truly independent research and that a broad public is informed about the research findings. The Harding Center for Risk Literacy officially opened in spring 2009.