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David Harding

David Harding

Who is David Harding – the man supporting our research and the Center's namesake?

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In cooperation with the AOK, one of the largest health insurance providers in Germany, we are developing fact boxes that are targeted at informing patients and physicians alike. The fact boxes are available as decision-making tools on the AOK website.

Together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, we are developing simple health decision tools that are targeted directly to patients. The project will build on the research expertise of the Harding Center and the capacity of the Bertelsmann Stiftung to disseminate decision tools broadly to the public through their website "Weisse Liste".

In 2011, we established a collaboration with the Bank of England. In this long-term collaboration program, we are investigating how the central concepts of our research group can help design and test simple rules of thumb for regulating and improving today's complex financial system.

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Here you will find links to selected articles and to audio and video reports about the Harding Center for Risk Literacy. Older posts can be found in our archive.

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